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Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilders specializes in rebuilding hydraulic cylinders
of any size to be used in many different applications.

Our knowledge, inventory, and parts suppliers allow us to
offer you the quickest rebuilt cylinder turnaround in the northeast.

Although our specialty is rebuilding & refurbishing
hydraulic cylinders, we also have the capabilities
to rebuild your hydraulic pumps and motors
with fast reliable service.
All of our rebuilt products are thoroughly tested and come with a 90 day warranty upon installation.

Had a unique hydraulic problem that has been on my punch list for too long. I finally found these guys (Tony & Eric) and stopped by to see if they could help. They were fully booked for the day but invited me to come back at 10AM the following morning. They jumped in immediately and through no fault of their own found that the unit I had was not repairable. They even called the hydraulic strut manufacturer in Germany to try and get a handle on how best to take the unit apart. They were helpful (above and beyond), knowledgeable and good to know. Highly recommended! …on the gas, Shled